"A ship is always safe at shore - but that's NOT what it's built for."

                                                                                -Albert Einstein



More than service....providing solutions.

As the wife of an active sport fishing captain, I understand and appreciate the enormous amount of work that goes into keeping a boat in shipshape, and that it's not a one person job. My goal is to assist you in getting the most life and sea dollars out of your products, blending personal styles with performance needs and function, to keep your girl looking and performing great season after season.



All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling. 


About Short Corner

In 2011, Short Corner Tackle was started as a way for my husband Troy and I to share our knowledge , experiences, and enthusiasm for blue water fishing. We prided ourselves on offering customers honest advice, along with tested and proven products. If we hadn't or wouldn't personally use something, it didn't enter our shop. When not in the shop, our family of three was on the boat... cleaning, fishing, and enjoying our time together. As our involvement and dedication to the sport continued to grow over the years, so has our family, thus forcing a change in the way we do business. 

The addition of our son in 2015, and a change in captain's positions for Troy in 2016,  left little time for the shop as it was.  In order to remain together and involved in what our family is truly passionate about, we decided to phase out tackle, leaving the shop for me  to focus solely on marine canvas and upholstery. 

About Me


Sewing and fishing have always been in my blood. Growing up as the only girl in an extended family of boys, my first passion was fishing. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pole, fishing and playing on my grandfathers boat ,"Gig Em", provided a sound foundation for a long love affair with the sport. However, being the only granddaughter provided many opportunities to learn about sewing and  needlework from two of the best seamstresses I know.  In college I became more interested in the production and care of fibers and fabrics. My first Textiles class  opened my eyes to an entirely new way of viewing and caring for fabrics, deepening my interest in the Textiles Industry. Ultimately I pursued Education, but was lucky enough to later meet my husband, a fellow teacher and boat captain whose "cleaning" knowledge ended with fish. It was a match made in heaven as we both choose to build our family around the industries we both love....and live every day.



I only work with superior marine grade products built to withstand the harsh coastal weather, and are backed by useful life warranties. I select the best materials available for each specific job and can provide a variety of options to meet your budget. My goal is to provide honest customer service and support to everyone that enters my doors.



Where Can you Find Me

(As of 8/1/18 We are relocating, please contact me for further information)

827 Gulf Rd.  - Surfside Beach, TX 77541

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